Kyoto Fushimi’s Experiential Cultural Tours – Piapia Tours

[Company Information]
Company Name:  Piapia Community Support Inc.
Founded :  July, 2012
Address:   280 Minamihamacho, Fushimi-ku ,Kyoto
Tel/Fax: 075-777-7713

法人名: ぴあぴあコミュニティサポート合同会社
創立:  2012年7月
所在地: 京都府京都市伏見区南浜町280番地
電話番号: 075-777-7713(FAXも同様)

[Business Domains]
– Event Producing
– Community Tourism
– Sales and Promotion
– Publishing

[What’s Piapia or Piers’n’Peers?]

Our company name “Piapia Community Support Inc” derived from English vocabulary “Piers” and “Peers”, meaning wharf or where boats land and colleagues. The town of Fushimi, Kyoto, where we are based in, had been the biggest inner-land port town of Japan and the center of interaction of people and goods during Edo period. We have prides on the history, named our company “Piapia” after the history and wish to generate the charms/characteristics of our town with the colleagues.

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